Sister Dare Quiz


  • Enter your name then submit.
  • Answer any 10 questions.
  • Share the quiz link with your sisters.
  • Check the results.

Sister Dare is basically for all the sisters whom we love and who care about us all day. This tremendous dare game is one of the best games you have played so far.

How to play?

Playing this dare is very simple. At first, tap the sister dare icon on your screen and start the game. After that, you will get several interesting questions about sister dare. However, you can skip the questions if you want. Maybe not all of the questions you like and you want to change them. Here the process ends when you finish answering all questions.

How to get the score of the result?

First of all, you have to share this sister dare link with your friends when they started playing this game. You can find out the scorecard with a list of their names as they put it on during the game. It's the final procedure of the sister dare game.